Early winter temperatures expected to hit Ontario mid-November

Nov 2 2021, 6:20 pm

November has arrived, and an early start to winter is on the horizon for Ontario.

While the first half of the month will continue to be mild and have slightly above seasonal temperatures, at the mid-way point, things are going to take a turn for the cold.

Even with the first half of the month expected to be above seasonal temperatures, at this time of year, the temperatures can drop quite quickly. So, while the weather may be above seasonal, it’s still not going to be as mild as October.

According to The Weather Network’s November forecast, Ontario will experience consistently cold temperatures beginning in the second half of November. They say it’ll be colder than the winters of recent memory, so be prepared to bundle up.

“A much colder pattern is expected to develop well before the end of the month — from the eastern Prairies to Ontario and Quebec, and at times into Atlantic Canada,” says Dr. Doug Gillham, Meteorologist, The Weather Network. “The arrival of Arctic air crossing the relatively warm waters of the Great Lakes should help to trigger substantial lake-effect snow for the Snowbelt areas.”

It is expected that this weather pattern will last well into December, so get ready to bundle up later this month!

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