There's only one Ontario brewer left doing Ford's 'Buck-a-Beer'

Dec 18 2018, 4:02 am

$1.65 for your thoughts?

Back in August, Doug Ford challenged brewers to drop the prices of their beers to $1.

While Loblaws was down, a number of craft breweries immediately rejected the idea, and now it seems that far more are out than in. In fact… there’s only one brewery left that is still participating in the dollar deal.

And that’s Cool Beer Brewing in Etobicoke.

Loon Lager by Barley Days launched after the Buck-a-Beer challenge was proposed, and even so, it’s now selling for $1.65 a can.

Many of the craft breweries that originally rejected the challenge commented on how the quality of their brews would be affected if they sold cans for such a low cost.

The trend of prioritizing quality over quantity seems to be catching on.

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