China’s biggest hand-pulled noodle chain opens in Toronto this month

Jul 12 2018, 6:47 pm

Toronto is about to gain a brand new destination for authentic hand-pulled Lanzhou beef noodles! Omni Palace, a chain restaurant with more than 400 locations in China, is opening its first location in Toronto this month.

Going in near Sheppard and Victoria Park and set to open on July 28, the restaurant will debut its centuries-old noodle recipe to Toronto.

“My uncle inherited this recipe from my grandpa and now I am the third inheritor,” said Ma Jun, Omni Palace incumbent owner. “Based on the traditional Lanzhou beef noodle’s style, I innovated noodles on the menu to cater to Toronto’s diverse tastes.”

Omni Palace Noodle House

Omni Palace Noodle House/Facebook

Toronto diners can look forward to watching skilled chefs pull noodles in an open kitchen and opt for noodles available in nine different shapes of varying thickness – the thinnest called Angle Hair boasts that it can even be thread through a needle!

Omni Palace

Address: 235 Consumers Road, Unit E1, North York
Phone: 416-493-0080

Facebook | Instagram

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