Got the munchies? Where to eat in Toronto when you’re high

Munchies are not a myth: Using marijuana most certainly stimulates appetite. It can also make eating a more enjoyable experience, which is why for many pot users, the post-use meal is particularly enjoyable.

But not all marijuana users fall into the category of shut-ins who subsist on pizza delivery for their high time calories.

“Marijuana users go far beyond the ‘stoner’ stereotype,” Vancouver marijuana activist Jodie Emery tells Daily Hive in a 2016 interview. “Marijuana users are just as varied as all human beings,” Emery adds.

“Some marijuana users like fine dining, and go to all the hip restaurants in town,” she elaborates. Some, on the other hand, may work minimum wage jobs and be limited to what their financial situation accords be it a bargain slice, the nearest McDonald’s, or a place like the The Warehouse, where everything on the menu is $5.

“All food is good food to a pot consumer,” Emery jokes.“It all depends on your income, that’s all it breaks down to.”

While Emery does wish that the prevalent “stoners only eat pizza” stereotype would fade, she does admit that pizza can be the right choice for some pot users, but it’s always going to be a matter of personal taste and budget dictating where that pizza come from.

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What does tend to appeal, says Emery, are the highly “sensory” experiences eating can offer.“Marijuana users can help [a] city develop and grow its restaurant industry because marijuana users enjoy sensory delight, and many restaurants open with an aim to provide a sensory experience, with high-quality food.”

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Eating one kind of food versus another isn’t crucial to the post-pot dining experience, though Emery mentions that a hot topic right now is the connection between terpenes and marijuana–related to smells, which is, of course, a big part of eating. Also, points out Emery, there has been a lot of theorizing on the science of eating mangoes before or during marijuana use to enhance the high.

Otherwise, there’s really nowhere you need to avoid if you’re choosing a pot-pot eating destination, says Emery.

When it comes to major cities in Canada, Emery wonders just how many of our talented local chefs have dreamed up their restaurant concepts or new dishes while using marijuana.

She posits that the creativity in Canadian kitchens might be attributed to “…this inspiring plant that’s being used,” adding, “a special herb in the kitchen.”

Here are a few ideas of where to eat in Toronto if you’re high:

Munchies on a budget?

You might want to bookmark this round up of best new Cheap Eats in Toronto, ideal for those with their minds on their money and their money on their minds.


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Looking for some sensory stimulation?

Go where you can eat with your hands, like 416 Snack Bar where utensils are entirely off the menu. Other interactive options include street food purveyors like Baro, bustling dim sum parlours, and Korean cantinas like Han Ba Tang where you can assemble a meal from a collection of nibbles.

Want to satisfy your sweet tooth?

There’s a really sweet dessert culture happening in Toronto and you’ll find everything from sophisticated eclairs, to epic sundaes, cookie dough cups, and even sparkly unicorn-themed desserts.

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In need of some comfort?

There are some great old-school diners where you can get your greasy spoon fix with plates of eggs and pancakes. Seek out some soul-satisfying grilled cheese or delve into a deep bowl of noodle soup.

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Fancy something fancy?

Many of the city’s best new restaurants in recent months can provide a more fine dining vibe. For something fun and a little fancy try Figures, a swank new comic book themed bar in Yorkville.

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There’s no shame in pizza

Who cares that it’s a cliche. Pizza is good and Toronto is good at it. Go deep-dish, do it up with a little bubblyget freaky, or just get it to-go and chill at home. Just sober up before you drive anywhere, or else you could end up doing something stupid.

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