You can get this adorable snow globe cocktail in Toronto for the holidays

Dec 15 2021, 5:00 pm

This Toronto bar is celebrating the holidays and they’ve brought back their popular snow globe-like cocktail that’s definitely a work of art.

All month long, guests who stop by Miss Thing’s Aloha Christmas can get a chance to try their eye-grabbing “Little Snowflake” cocktail.


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It features Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger gin, St Germaine elderflower and berry citric cordial. But the showstopper isn’t just the concoction, it’s the little snowman that stands tall within the cocktail.

It’s made out of mini marshmallows stacked together on a bed of “snow.”

But how does it stand upright? Brenton Mowforth, a cocktail blogger shared on Instagram how he had collaborated on the drink with the bartending team at Miss Thing’s back in 2019 and shared details on how to make the snow globe-like drink.


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“Coat the top of a Collins glass with icing and rim with shaved coconut. Then skewer 3 small marshmallows with a toothpick to make the snowman and add two cloves for the arms,” said Mowforth.

“Stick the exposed end of the toothpick (which should be on the bottom) into a large marshmallow along with a sprig of rosemary and place at the bottom of the rimmed Collins glass with just a splash of water.”

You then set it in the freezer until it’s frozen and pour in the mixture with loose coconut shavings to imitate the falling snow.

How magical is that?

It’s priced at $17 and will be available all month long at Miss Thing’s Aloha Christmas cocktail party.

Miss Thing’s

Address: 1279 Queen Street West

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