Peek inside Bloor-Yonge's new gourmet grocery store

Feb 4 2019, 11:16 pm

There’s a new grocery store in town, and it’s got every single one of your bases covered.

Need gourmet cheese? Check.

Need vegan Caesar salad dressing? Check.

Need champagne gummy bears? Check.

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McEwan’s, new to Yonge and Bloor, has everything you could ever need for a get-together, a solo night in, and everything in between.

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First stop when you arrive should probably be hydration station… there are a huge range of drinks to wet your whistle with. Kombucha, maple water and San Pellegrino are only the beginning.

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You’ll probably want to get your sugar-fix too. You know, for energy’s sake. So stopping over at the Sugarfina display is a must. Stock up on peanut butter caramels and champagne gummy bears, so you can snack in style.

Daily Hive Staff

Or maybe you prefer your sweets ice-cold. If that’s the case, the ice cream selection is sure to wow you. They’ve got the classics on deck, plus artisan creations like those from Fiasco Gelato and Death in Venice. Enter: delicious sweet vegan options.

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And speaking of delicious vegan options, there are plenty on deck for you to take home. Fill up on vegan “eggs” in cartons that resemble the classic shelled fry-ables, tons of nut and coconut-based yogurts and a gajillion (yes that’s a number) different kinds of “cheeses.”

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And then head over to the shelf of McEwans’ preserves, and pick up anything from pickled asparagus to Coca Cola BBQ sauce.

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And now that we’re onto food that’s been ageing beautifully, you’ve got to check out the cheese. There are so. Many. Options. And colours. From beige to blue to black to speckled orange and green, there’s a flavour profile for every preference.

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Once you’ve picked up all your to-go goods, it’s time to grab a bite. Opt for lamb shanks, beef brisket, steak or salmon, or an easy-to-eat sandwich. Choose from mouthwatering options like chicken pesto, short rib grilled cheese and meatloaf on a bun.

Daily Hive Staff

And to close up your trip, you must treat yourself to one of the cute-enough-to-eat bakery creations. How about a little pastry that resembles Cousin Itt, adorned with eyes wide enough to watch you take a bite? Aww, yeah.

They say you shouldn’t grocery shop when you’re hungry, but here… that’s exactly what you should do.

Because you may arrive with a grumbling tummy, but you certainly won’t leave with one.


Address: 1 Bloor Street East


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