La Diperie: Toronto gets its own location of Montreal's fave ice cream shop

Jul 12 2016, 11:02 pm

When the sun is out, it’s time for swirling, and as many a Montrealer will attest, La Diperie is where it’s at. Now Torontonians can take a licking for themselves on the Danforth, thanks to La Diperie’s new Toronto location.

Open seven days a week, and serving up vanilla soft serve with enough chocolate dip and topping options to make the ol’ ice cream man reconsider his day job, La Diperie is sure to become one of this summer’s instant Instagram sweet treat favourite. This is thanks in no small part to La Diperie’s import of a signature “blue wall,” serving as a perfect backdrop for those very, very pretty, scrumptious-looking cones.

Ultimately, the concept of La Diperie is simple: You get vanilla soft serve in your choice of cone style and size (mini $1, small $2, medium $3, or large $4; waffle $5; or pastry $6), then you add your dip for $1 (choices include Milk Chocolate, Orange, Cookie Dough, Maple, Brownie, Raspberry Cheesecake and a couple dozen more), and your toppings for 50 cents each (options range from pretzels to tortilla chips to sprinkles and Oreos and several more in-between). Et voila! Ice cream time.

Check out some recent Toronto creations:

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La Diperie’s Toronto location is open Sunday through Wednesday from noon to 10 pm and Thursday through Saturday from noon to midnight.

La Diperie – Toronto

Address: 372 Danforth Avenue
Twitter: @ladiperie

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