Cotton candy on ice cream is a real thing and it's now in Toronto

Jun 10 2016, 4:17 am

What’s better than a cup of ice cream? How about a cup of ice cream topped with cotton candy?

A crazy visual meets a sweet sensation, putting wild toppings on ice cream is all the rage these days, and there’s a spot in Markham where you can order flavoured cotton candy to take your ice cream to a whole new level. Head to Dolce 21 Dessert House at Pacific Mall to get in on all the sweet action.

Building a cup of soft serve up with cotton candy is a trend that we can thank popular Asian sweet shops for, like Korea’s Milkcow. Shops like CottonHi in Los Angeles have gotten a lot of attention for their similarly stunt-y sweets. Vancouver’s Soft Peaks has also played with cotton candy as a topping on their organic ice milk soft serve.

At Dolce 21, you can mix and match soft serve flavours with their weekly rotating cotton candy flavour (recent offerings have included watermelon and lychee). The result is a sugar-splosion and a spectacle in a cup, to say the least. You can also opt for other add-ons like cookie pieces, honeycombs, or just good old fashioned sprinkles. If you’d rather sip than spoon, you can add cotton candy on top of shakes, too. PS: That crazy blue ice cream is just vanilla.

Take a look at some customer creations:

Matcha and Tiffany vanilla ice cream with watermelon cotton candy 😋🍉☁ #dolce21

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This was a mouthful haha 😅 but soo good 🍦📷

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Jumping on that bandwagon 😍 | green tea ice cream + watermelon cotton candy #dolce21 #icecream #dessert

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Dolce 21 Dessert House

Address: Unit B35A, Pacific Mall, 4300 Steeles Avenue, Markham
Phone: 905-782-6639
Instagram: @dolce21desserthouse

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