Individuals living alone "can pair up" with one other household for Thanksgiving: Ford

Oct 7 2020, 5:56 pm

Premier Doug Ford said that people living alone can pair up with one household for Thanksgiving.

On Wednesday, the premier clarified the rules for the upcoming holiday, and said those celebrating can spend it with only their household.

“Spend Thanksgiving with only the people you live with. Yesterday I spoke with my wife Karla and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing. I know it’s tough on everyone, in my case I won’t be with all my girls, but our family is no different than anyone else,” Ford said.

“We’re all making sacrifices to stop the spread of COVID-19 and if you’re alone you can pair up with one other household but only one. Please limit the amount of people you’re getting close to.”

Ford added that the holiday is normally a time to get together with family and friends but “these aren’t normal times.”

He also noted that in recent civic holidays people have been letting their guard down and “we saw the numbers spike in the cases and contacts.”

“It’s not enough to limit the size we need to stick to our immediate households.”

The announcement comes after the premier provided some mixed messaging during Tuesday’s press conference.

He initially said to stick to 10 people indoors, that could be outside of the household, but then backtracked to just “stick to your household.”

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