Home Tour: A publishing manager's colourful 460 sq ft studio in High Park (VIDEO)

Jul 20 2022, 6:50 pm

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For most of her twenties, Steffie Davis worked at Walt Disney World in Orlando. Now, as a publishing manager in Toronto, she still gets to work on equally fun projects such as Disney Princess comics and JoJo Siwa graphic novels. Her charming High Park apartment is a manifestation of her equally colourful background.

“I moved into this apartment at the very beginning of the pandemic, and it really has become my happy place,” Davis told Daily Hive. “The longer we were locked down, the more things I added to my walls.”

Check out the video tour below:

DH Homes Q&A

Name: Steffie Davis

Neighbourhood: High Park

Type of home: Condo

Size: 460 sq ft

Steffie Davis and Jack the cat

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Bright and cheerful! Colourful, a little bohemian, a little retro.

How long have you lived in your home?

Over two years.

What is the best and worst part of living in Toronto?

The best part is how much is always going on! I remember being overwhelmed when I first moved here. Whatever you’re in the mood for, whether it’s a food festival or live music or a patio or a beach, you can find it on any given day here in the summer. The worst part of Toronto life is probably how pricey it can be. Worth it to be in this amazing city, I think, but budgeting is a real thing!

Steffie Davis

Where do you get your decorating ideas?

Social media, but also I just fill my apartment with things that I love and hope that it all works together.

What’s your home’s best feature?

The giant windows! Natural light really makes this tiny space feel so much bigger than it is.

Steffie Davis

How has the pandemic shaped your space?

Without the pandemic, my space would probably still be a plain white box. The pandemic made me really appreciate how much my apartment influences my mood and prioritized decor. The longer we were locked down, the more things I added to my walls.

What’s your favourite item in your home?

Definitely my egg chair. In the summer, it’s on my balcony and Jack the Cat and I spend hours out there soaking in the sun. In the winter, I move it inside and it becomes the coziest, comfiest reading chair. I love it more than anything else I own.

Steffie Davis

What’s your biggest expense so far?

The egg chair — it was pricier than my couch! Worth every penny, though.

And your favourite DIY project?

I’m way too proud of the wall art above my couch! I followed a tutorial from A Beautiful Mess and the piece turned out so well I have people asking where I bought it.

Steffie Davis

What’s your least favourite part of your home?

My kitchen is a bit dark for my taste. The cabinetry and counters aren’t what I’d pick out for myself. I’d love to explore a DIY to lighten it up, but I’m not sure that’s in my skillset at this point.

Where do you usually source furniture and decorations?

Most of my furniture is from Structube and IKEA. I’ve got a few thrifted vintage pieces like my lamp and my lips phone. I’ve also had great luck at Indigo, H&M Home, and Urban Outfitters. I also love a gift shop. Museums, wineries, etc. often have cute little bits that add so much character.

Steffie Davis

What’s your decorating advice?

If you don’t like something, you can change it! Don’t be afraid to play with colour, textures, and patterns, and if something doesn’t work, you can always wipe the slate and start over.

How do people usually react to your home?

I get a lot of people calling it adorable, cute, cozy, and reacting to the fun colours. I have also had quite a few TikTok comments asking to move in, haha! But it’s just the right size for me and Jack the Cat. No room for TikTok roomies, sadly.

Where to buy:

  • Egg Chair – Rona
  • Couch – Structube
  • Desk – Wayfair
  • Coffee Table – Structube
  • Bed – Ikea
  • Fan – Urban Outfitters
  • Living Room Rug – Structube
  • Desk Chair – Ikea
  • Shelves – Ikea
  • Patio Bench – Home Depot
  • Patio Rug – Simons
  • Patio Tiles – Ikea

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