A flight bound for Toronto made a quick turn to avoid Ukrainian airspace

Feb 24 2022, 4:44 pm

As Russia invades Ukraine, the airspace commonly used for commercial flights is now being avoided at all costs.

One flight from Israel destined for Toronto made a quick alteration to their flight path on Thursday morning. The flight’s path shows the plane flying into Ukraine before quickly diverting out of the country.

The plane nearly did a U-turn in order to get out of Ukraine’s airspace and over safer ground.
ukraine airspace

Flight ELY29 path/FlightAware.com

The flight’s path would typically continue straight through that portion of Ukraine, but the country closed its airspace to civilian flights as Russia invaded it early on Thursday.

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine had been building for months with Russian troops building up along the border between the two countries. Canada and the US have both placed sanctions against Russia amid rising tensions.

Things came to a tipping point earlier this week when, on Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized two separatist regions in Ukraine and deployed soldiers there to “maintain peace.” This allowed him to openly send troops into Ukraine.

On Wednesday, Ukraine declared a national state of emergency. By Thursday, Russia had launched an invasion.

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