Japanese dessert cafe in Toronto has a special treat served only after 6 pm

Jun 23 2022, 3:20 pm

This Japanese dessert tea house in North York is launching its summer-special desserts inspired by folklore, and they’re only served in the evening.

Starting July 1, Daigyo Cafe will begin serving its main desserts, Shizuki Kitsune and Hatsuki Neko starting at 6 pm.

Both treats honour the supernatural qualities of Japanese foxes and cats. They can symbolize good harvests, fertility, and prosperity while being cunning, smart, and embodying all the qualities that lead to success in business or money, according to Daigyo.

The Shizuki Kitsune is made up of dragon fruit yuzu ice cream and topped with sesame and dragon fruit mochi.

japanese ice cream

Daigyo Cafe

The Hatsuki Neko is made with black sugar crystal jelly, then topped with matcha ice cream, dried peach flakes and a cat paw-shaped rice cake.

“We are fans of Japanese culture, and Spirited Away is one of my favourite movies. Therefore, we used Japanese folklore as inspiration for our summer-special desserts. Since kitsune is a symbol of good harvests, we also hope every customer will be blessed with great prosperity,” said Jason Wang, one of Daigyo’s owners.

japanese ice cream

Daigyo Cafe

“We also hope to bring Torontonians some excitement by offering dragon fruit and yuzu flavoured ice cream, which you don’t usually see anywhere. It’s something totally different for the summer” said Grace Han, Daigyo’s co-owner.

To celebrate the summer season, the shop will be handing out 10 free cups of Shizuki Kitsune or Hatsuki Neko every day after 6 pm from July 1 to July 8.

No better way to cool off than with a refreshing treat.

Daigyo Cafe

Address: 4909 Yonge Street
Phone: 647-341-6622


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