10 of the best restaurants for Chinese noodles in the GTA

Nov 27 2017, 5:23 pm

Sink into a wholesome bowl of broth, slurp some silky strands of noodles, and devour a plethora of toppings ranging from tender beef brisket to crunchy cucumbers and bean sprouts.

This list looks at ten of the best Chinese noodle spots in the GTA. Try them all to decide for yourself which one reigns supreme.

Big Beef Bowl

Big Beef Bowl

Big Beef Bowl/Facebook

Yum! Beef and noodles are a classic, especially when the noodles are hand pulled. Big Beef Bowl offers two types of noodles (round and flat) in three different sizes (thin, regular, and thick). Not to be missed it the Braised Beef Brisket noodle and side dishes such as the spicy tripe and beef, and pork belly skewers.

Address: 8362 Kennedy Road, Unionville
Phone: 905-470-7575

Address: 1 Byng Avenue, North York
Phone: 416-222-5282

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Sun’s Kitchen

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If you’ve ever heard a loud pounding at Pacific Mall, Sun’s Kitchen is the likely culprit of the noise. You can always catch them making fresh noodles inside of Heritage Town on the second floor. Go for the Dan Dan noodles here—they never disappoint.

Address: 4300 Steeles Avenue East, (Markham 3rd level of Pacific Mall)
Phone: 905-940-0908


Dagu Noodle

Dagu noodle is a large Chinese chain that recently opened two stores in the GTA. Here, the specialty is the “Crossing the Bridges noodles”, whererice noodles and various toppings are added into a large bowl of steaming hot broth DIY style.

Address: 20 Gibson Drive, Unit 111A, Markham
Phone: 905-604-5082

Address: 115 Dundas Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-901-9208

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Chef Papa Tea & Noodle Bar

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Chef Papa serves amazing Hong Kong cart noodles, where you customize your own bowl of noodles with a myriad of noodle, broth, and topping choices. Unlike traditional cart noodles, pho, ramen, and Korean crystal noodles are all part of the menu. While Chef Papa is a bit pricey, the high-quality toppings, such as the fresh cuttlefish balls and Japanese Char Siu, are worth it.

Address: 8390 Kennedy Road, B1-3, Unionville
Phone: 905-604-1588


Magic Noodle

Magic Noodle

Magic Noodle

With four locations in the GTA and a really cheap price per bowl, Magic Noodle is a convenient and satisfying choice any day of the week. Even though the chain is rapidly expanding, you can always see a chef preparing noodles from scratch on site—a sign that corners aren’t being cut. Grab the Langchou Beef Noodle and order a squid skewer on the side.

Address: 1383 16th Avenue, Unit D, Richmond Hill
Phone: 905-889-9886

Address: 2190 Mcnicoll Avenue, Unit 119, Scarborough
Phone: 416-293-6696

Address: 93 Harbord Street, Toronto
Phone: 647-345-8839

Address: 5453 Yonge Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-546-9686

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Mei Nung Beef Noodle House

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Taiwanese-style beef noodles are some of the best in the world and Mei Nung proves it. The broths here are rich, creamy, and flavourful—the kind you’ll finish to the very last drop. Pair your noodles with some stinky tofu if you’re adventurous enough.

Address: 3255 Highway 7, Unit #15, Markham
Phone: 905-477-8388


Wonton Chai Noodle

Wonton Chai offers a classic assortment of noodles including vermicelli, ho fun, egg noodles, and wonton noodles (of course!). There are also yummy toppings like shrimp wontons, dace fish balls, and beef brisket. Want to heat things up even more? The house chili oil is a must, but also quite spicy–so be cautious.

Address: 2890 Major Mackenzie Drive East, Unit 2, Markham
Phone: 905-887-8811

Address: 28 South Unionville Avenue, Markham
Phone: 905-604-4366

Address: 4040 Creditview Road, Unit 22, Mississauga
Phone: 905-232-1103

Address: 4400 Sheppard Avenue East, Unit 6-8, Scarborough
Phone: 416-335-6326


Jim Chai Kee Noodles

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Jim Chai Kee is the spot for noodle lovers. Service is quick and even when the restaurant is at capacity, you can get a table within minutes. Dubbed as the top noodle joint in the GTA by many, the shrimp wontons and lo mein won’t disappoint.

Address: 270 West Beaver Creek Road, Richmond Hill
Phone: 905-881-8778

Address: 3700 Midland Avenue, Unit #109, Scarborough
Phone: 647-834-7834


Potato Noodle Soup of Bai

In the back corner of the Pacific Mall Heritage Town food court sits this gem where, as evident by its name, deals in noodles made from potato similar to Japchae. Try the cold sesame noodles with chicken, cucumber, and bean sprouts or go with the lamb soup noodles for your next visit.

Address: 4350 Steeles Avenue East, Markham
Phone: 647-893-6118

Papa Chang’s

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Papa Chang’s serves great, authentic Taiwanese cuisine, meaning it has some terrific braised beef soup noodle. The satay beef noodle soup is a popular pick, as well as many non-noodle dishes including popcorn chicken, and minced pork on rice.

Address: 5970 16th Avenue, Unit 110, Markham
Phone: 905-554-7211

Address: 4300 Steeles Avenue East, Unit M15-M16, Markham
Phone: 905-604-8845

Address: 280 West Beaver Creek Road, Richmond Hill
Phone: 647-797-1955

Address: 431 Alden Road, Markham
Phone: 905-604-7727


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