YouTubers pose as High Park's cherry blossom protectors and visitors totally fall for it

May 13 2022, 3:30 pm

Cherry blossom season is at its peak, and people are flocking to the city’s parks in big numbers from all over the GTA just to get a view of the calming pink blooms.

Every year, Toronto’s favourite and busiest park during the cherry blossom boom is High Park. Visitors take photos and videos, but some can get too excited, shake the flowers off the branches or sit on trees for the perfect shot.

Two pranksters decided to take things into their own hands and posed as special groundskeepers dedicated to protecting the cherry blossom trees.

Meet Groundskeeper Tenderpetal and security guard Chester Hesterfield Blossom ā€” CH Blossom, for short.

cherry blossom park


But here’s the thing ā€” they don’t know all that much about the springtime sakura. So when the visitors they are policing ask them questions, such as how the trees grow and where the seeds are, they have to make up the wildest answers.

Visitor: “Where are the seeds for these? How do they grow?”

C.H. Blossom: “How do they grow? From the ground, sir.”

Visitor: “Okay, but where are the seeds of this tree?”

C.H. Blossom: “They’re invisible, sir. They’re only visible if you love the trees enough.”

Watch the full video here:

And to find out where you can get the best viewing experience of the season, check out this handy-dandy cherry blossom map of Toronto.

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