Chapters at Bayview Mall has closed its doors after 18 years of business

Jan 4 2018, 2:49 pm

After serving Bayview Village Shopping Mall customers and book lovers for over 18 years, Chapters has closed its doors for good, concluding the final chapter of the retailer’s Bayview story if you will.

The news was released on Twitter this past Tuesday with a heartfelt message that read:

“After more than 18 years in our community, we regret to announce that this location is now closed. We look forward to serving you online or at nearby stores.”

The tweet released by the big box bookstore shared no details as to why the location was shutting its doors, but it’s safe to say that the sudden closure definitely surprised the location’s loyal customers, with many Twitter followers quick to reply with their frustration and disappointment.

While it remains unclear as to why the beloved Chapters location closed its doors, it could potentially have to do with the massive expansion that the mall is planning, which is said to add lots of new retail space in addition to over 1,000 condo units across the site.

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