CBC reporter sexually harassed on live television (VIDEO)

Feb 27 2019, 9:54 pm

A CBC reporter in Toronto was subjected to sexual harassment this week while he was on-air during a live segment.

In a video clip circulating on social media, CBC reporter Chris Glover can be seen attempting to do his job during a live segment while an older man makes some very inappropriate gestures behind him, and eventually, to him.

In the video clip, the older man can be seen making kissing gestures and trying to lick Glover’s face while he stands behind him.

It’s a situation that Twitter users are calling “disturbing.”

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And while many Twitter users are praising Glover for his professionalism during the uncomfortable encounter, many are questioning why nothing was done to stop the man.

If the tables were turned and this was a woman, things would have been handled quite differently.

Others questioned why producers of the live hit also didn’t do anything to step in.

Other social media users called the situation “beyond gross,” “harassment”, and “assault.”

The bottom line is no reporter should have to endure this on the job and CBC needs to hold the man accountable for his inappropriate actions.

And unfortunately, situations like this happen all too often.

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