Bubble Tea cake is a thing and this Toronto bakery is serving it

Jul 19 2019, 8:35 pm

Just when you thought that bubble tea couldn’t get any better, someone just had to come up with a new iteration of it.

And this one might take the cake.

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Bake Code — the city’s “Modern Euro-Asian Bakery” — serves up bubble tea cake.

The eye-catching creation consists of a soft cake base that is wrapped up in a cylindrical sheet of plastic as crema is poured over it and tapioca pearls are sprinkled on top.

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The toppings rest over the cake while the cylinder is in-tact, similar to the way a famous Momofuku Milk Bar cake is held together so smoothly, despite its many layers.

ms.pink.mochi / Instagram

But unlike the famed layer cake, this one turns into a messy, gooey, indulgent delight once its casing is removed.

ms.pink.mochi / Instagram

And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can find Bake Code and its take on bubble tea cake in North York. And even if you don’t live or work in the north end of the city… this treat looks well worth a trip.


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