Stunning boutique Toronto condos were designed by locals, for locals

Aug 6 2020, 6:30 am

Let’s face it — most of us don’t picture ourselves growing old while living in a small basement suite or a cramped apartment on the 30th floor of an old building.

We desire the kind of space that will complement our lifestyle both now and in the future; somewhere with room to grow. And we don’t want to have to move outside of Toronto to make this happen.

Gairloch Developments is currently developing two boutique condo projects so Torontonians in search of a stunning home don’t have to relocate elsewhere in the province. The spots? 1414 Bayview, nestled in Leaside, and Junction Point at the gateway to The Junction.

If you’re curious to know what sets these condos apart from the city’s more traditional cookie-cutter units, we’ve got you covered.

Carefully-selected team with roots in the community

Junction Point/Gairloch Developments

Gairloch Developments doesn’t pick the teams who work on its projects from a long list — the process runs a lot deeper. The individuals are carefully selected by the developer based on a combination of factors including their portfolio, expertise, location, and history.

For example, Sixteen Degree Studio was brought on board to design the interiors at 1414 Bayview because the owners, Stephanie Vermeulen and Kelly Doyle, grew up in Leaside. Since this is their first multi-family residential condo project, it allows them to explore designing spaces of different sizes with a fresh perspective.

Their expertise is centred around designing the interiors of single-family detached homes. In applying the owners’ experience to condo living at 1414 Bayview, prospective buyers know they are choosing a place that truly feels like a home.

In the same way, Commute Design Studio was selected by Gairloch Developments because the team has roots in The Junction. Their portfolio also complements the characteristics of the neighbourhood and its target demographic.

Founders of the studio, Hamid Samad and Sara Parisotto, specialize in custom furniture and lighting pieces. They’ve worked on beautiful restaurant projects, bars, and retail spaces. Now, they’re bringing their experience to Junction Point to design homes with character and personalized charm.

Structural differences

Most Toronto apartment buildings typically have 300 to 400 units spread out over 30 floors. Newer residential buildings in the city sit at between 69 to 85 storeys, and a record-breaking 95-storey tower was announced earlier this year. Could you imagine what it would be like to take the stairs when the elevator is out — with groceries in hand? (Eek.)

Boutique condos are built on a much smaller scale in low- to mid-rise buildings. Gairloch Developments’ 1414 Bayview and Junction Point are prime examples of this. Although located in very different neighbourhoods, each project is catered to those who want to live in a smaller building.

Residents are part of an exclusive few living in the property, which means you could get to know your neighbours by name rather than their floor number.

The condos at 1414 Bayview and Junction Point are not catered to investors who flip or rent properties, nor do they have tiny rooms. Instead, they’re optimized for living.

At 1414 Bayview, there’s a balance of indoor and outdoor living. Picture large terraces featuring pre-cast concrete planters that complement the neighbourhood’s surrounding tree canopies.

Over at Junction Point, homes feature a unique exterior brick screen that adds character to the inside and outside of the property. If this year is teaching us anything, it’s that personal living space is more important than ever. This classic design isn’t something one could tire of looking at.

Junction Point/Gairloch Developments

When building design is done right, it lowers the need for artificial light and helps residents reduce energy costs. Natural light also helps boost mood and productivity. However, this is often compromised in traditional high-rise apartment buildings.

Both Junction Point and 1414 Bayview are combating this with detailed window design. Homes in each of the buildings feature floor-to-ceiling windows that enhance the surrounding facade while allowing natural light to flood into every condo.

Thoughtful interior design

Traditional apartments, the old and the new, often take a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to interiors. Boutique condos, in contrast, are usually design-led spaces that give you the luxury of choosing a colour scheme that speaks to you.

Future residents of 1414 Bayview and Junction Point have several contemporary colour palettes to choose from, with something for every design preference. Toronto’s Sixteen Degree Studio is perfecting the luxurious yet neutral interiors at 1414 Bayview. Meanwhile, Commute Design Studio is implementing a rustic-chic decor at Junction Point.

After all, design demands a mix of progression with timelessness, and this mentality is employed across projects by Gairloch Developments.

Boutique condos at 1414 Bayview are selling now. To set up a private appointment, simply contact the sales team by email at [email protected].

Homes at Junction Point will begin selling this fall, but you can register today to receive updates and information about the project. You could be moving into your dream home sooner than you think.

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