You can bike for free with Bike Share Toronto on certain days this month

May 4 2022, 5:58 pm

Bike Share Toronto is offering free rides on Wednesdays all month long in partnership with the Canadian Automobile Association South Central Ontario.

Whether you’re a CAA member or not, you can hop on a bike and go for a ride for free on Wednesdays. The rides are limited to 30 minutes, but you can go on unlimited 30-minute rides!

“CAA has a strong history of supporting cycling and road safety in communities. We are always looking for meaningful ways to give back to our members and their communities.  Our support of Bike Share Toronto is a great example of that and provides an opportunity for Torontonians to explore and utilize the city’s cycling infrastructure,” Rhonda English, Chief Marketing Officer, CAA South Central Ontario, said.

So, how do you get your free rides? It’s pretty easy! Just sign up for a Bike Share Toronto account, and you can either purchase a pass at the bike kiosk or using the PBSC app. It will prompt you for credit card information as there is a refundable $20 deposit to use the bikes.

After you’ve purchased your free pass, scan the QR code to unlock your bike, or type in the five-digit code received into the keypad. The keypad will be on the left side of the dock for the bike you’re using.

Now, you’ve got your bike and 30 minutes! Make a point to tour more Bike Share docking stations, you’ll have to dock your bike before the 30 minutes is up to avoid being charged overage fees. Once you’ve docked the bike, you can take it right back out again by purchasing another 30-minute single-trip pass.

There are 625 docking stations in Toronto, can you make it to all of them within the month of May? Now’s your chance to find out on Free Ride Wednesdays!

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