These have been the 10 best jobs in Toronto for 2017

Oct 23 2017, 8:41 pm

The list of the 10 best jobs in Toronto to have had in 2017 has just been released.

What makes the best job, you ask?

Well, according to Indeed, Canada’s number one job site, this list was complied using jobs with a minimum annual salary of $70,000, and was based on growth in opportunity over the past four years as well as job availability.

Basically, the best job is one that pays you well, is one you can actually get, and one that gives you the chance to grow along with it.

It should come as no surprise then that many of these jobs are tech related (given the growth of Toronto’s tech industry in the last few years). In fact, more than half of the 10 best jobs in Toronto in 2017 are tech related.

“Toronto’s tech scene is growing at a very fast pace and the demand for tech talent is skyrocketing,” said Jodi Kasten, managing director at Indeed Canada. “Our data uncovers that, in Toronto, the best jobs are found in technology or professional services. The tech-scene in particular makes up 6 of the best jobs in Toronto.”

See the full list below. And don’t worry – like the #1 job – it’s all already in the cloud…

Ranking Job Title Average Salary Number of Postings Per 1M Total Jobs, 2017 % Growth in Opportunity Aug ’13 through Jul’17
1 Cloud Engineer $89,375 507 3,595
2 Building Information Modeling Manager $107,767 120 3,387
3 Senior Test Lead $72,537 426 1,676
4 Machine Learning Engineer $98,251 361 1,405
5 DevOps Engineer $98,995 4,339 905
6 Investment Consultant $74,485 322 840
7 Senior Accounting Manager $79,737 60 772
8 Principal Software Engineer $102,068 151 633
9 Full Stack Developer $80,635 6,142 614
10 Clinical Psychologist $84,285 112 443
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