5 hidden gems to uncover in Toronto's Bathurst Manor

Jul 19 2022, 1:40 pm

Growing up in the Bathurst Manor residential neighbourhood for the past 20 years has enabled me to know the area like the back of my hand.

My extensive familiarity with the neighbourhood has given me the power to discover the gems that really give the manor its very charm. 

Here are five spots worth checking out.

Bathurst & Wilson Underpass Mural

Situated within the underpass at the Bathurst & Wilson intersection is a vibrant mural that honours cultural diversity. Part of the StreetArtToronto series, this colourful art installation created by Nick Sweetman celebrates the multiculturalism within the area, with the likes of Jewish, Russian, Italian, and Filipino residents among others. The animals depicted in the mural come from each of the respective countries, brought together in harmony much like the residents of this community.

Underpass Mural

Itai Buenahora/Daily Hive

Irving Chapley Community Centre

In the heart of the community, a neighbourhood staple is found. This community centre features a full sized ice rink, a baseball diamond, basketball and tennis courts, a swimming pool, a waterpark, and a jungle gym. Residents of all ages flock here throughout all seasons, being a perfect place to spend time in.

Irving Chapley Community Centre

Toronto.ca/City of Toronto

Forest Valley

This is a spot that not every longtime resident has uncovered yet. At the end of Blue Forest Drive, you’ll find a steep entrance to a vast forest area that is home to bicycle and walking trails, rapid ravines, campfire spots, and tobogganing hills for the winter months. Forest Valley is somewhat of an escape from the residential area, and the perfect place to unwind.

Wandering at Forest Valley

Itai Buenahora/Daily Hive

G. Ross Lord Dog Park

Nestled within G. Ross Lord Park is a quaint off-leash dog park that brings together people and their furry friends. The fenced area is the perfect spot to let your dog experience social time with others, while getting yourself acquainted with fellow residents. As a dog owner myself, I can vouch for this being a quality hotspot to spend time and make lasting connections.

Buddy at the dog park

Itai Buenahora/Daily Hive

Tak Bui Artbox

In a nook of Bathurst Manor, a heritage art piece is found that pays tribute to the local Downsview military base and World War II air battle. It was painted on a Bell Box by Tak Bui, a Toronto-based illustrator. Featured in the mural is Billy Bishop, who famously battled and brought down a German plane. This hidden gem recognizes a piece of our past, and is a timeless capsule within the neighbourhood.

Tak Bui Artbox

Itai Buenahora/Daily Hive

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