Amazon's new fashion retail store includes a high-tech "magic closet"

Jan 21 2022, 6:31 pm

Amazon is about to revolutionize the shopping world yet again with a brand-new store.

The e-tailing giant is set to open its first fashion concept store in Los Angeles that includes a high-tech “magic closet” that will make personalized recommendations based on algorithms.

While it may seem a bit Big Brother-esque to some, it will be a welcome addition to those who perhaps don’t enjoy the shopping experience as much.

The dressing rooms will be part of the 30,0000 square-foot Amazon Style shop — smaller than a department store, but larger than an average boutique.

A look at Amazon Style’s Los Angeles store concept. (Amazon)

Only model items of the various clothing styles from different brands will hang on racks at the uniquely designed store. Customers will have to scan a code via an Amazon mobile app to make a colour and size choice. The item will be subsequently pulled from a back storage area and deposited in a dressing room.

The dressing room can be unlocked via the same mobile app.

Customers can engage with an app while shopping at the 30,000 sq. foot Amazon Style store. (Amazon)

Once inside, customers will be able to keep shopping thanks to the tech-savvy space: a touchscreen will display more options based on the customer’s size and style. These can be requested to try on.

Beyond the algorithm, customers will also have the choice to fill out a survey with more about themselves to get more personalized suggestions, but they can opt out, too.

Added items are then dropped into an area of the two-sided dressing room by staff within minutes.

The store will also have a cashier-less checkout, just like Amazon Fresh grocery stores which are located in states like California, Illinois, Maryland, and just a few hours from Vancouver in Seattle and Factoria.

Amazon has been playing with this retail concept for some time: the Seattle-based company patented a high-tech mirror back in 2018 that would allow people to try on looks digitally from the comfort of their home. The virtual reality-based accessory has yet to be seen in practice, but hypothetically would also allow the user to adjust their location (to try on swimsuits in a beach setting, for example).

The online retailer surpassed Walmart as the number one apparel retailer in the United States in March 2021, according to a study by Wells Fargo. The bank also estimated that Amazon’s sales of clothing and shoes were above the $41 billion mark.

Amazon Style will open at the Americana at Brand shopping complex in the LA suburb of Glendale later this year.

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