Government of Ontario makes "all-in" travel prices mandatory

Dec 15 2016, 3:42 pm

The Government of Ontario is making it easier for you to book your trips.

Starting January 1, new rules will ensure that advertising pricing by travel agents and on travel websites will show a cost that is inclusive of all taxes and fees.

While Canadian airlines already include taxes and fees in their advertised price, travel companies offering all-inclusive tours usually have the cost broken down, with a cost of the trip and fees separated.

Current prices on travel websites do not show an all-in cost/Selloff Vacations

The change in the new year will reduce confusion and prevent surprises for consumers, and will ensure that businesses follow the same advertising rules to encourage fair competition and level the playing field, according to the government.

“People across Ontario can now research and buy their vacations and business travel with confidence and without surprises — the price advertised will now be the price paid,” stated Marie-France Lalonde, Minister of Government and Consumer Services, in a release. “All-in pricing is one of many changes we are making to protect consumers and help people in their everyday lives. Feedback from the public and stakeholders will help us further strengthen consumer protection and reduce burden on business in Ontario.”

Public input and feedback will be occurring across the province beginning in February.

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