5 spots in Pike Place Market every Seattleite needs to check out

Aug 17 2020, 9:00 am

There are two types of Seattleites: those who avoid Pike Place Market at all costs, and those who love the bustling marketplace.

Regardless of your stance, it’s the iconic market’s 113th birthday today and to celebrate, we’ve gathered five places within the market that are definitely worth a visit.

Unexpected Theater Productions


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Seattle’s longest-running improv theater happens is located in Pike Place Market by the entrance to the gum wall. Laugh until your sides hurt at one of their many shows taking place almost daily. Their full calendar of events can be found online. (The shows are currently streaming online.)

“Seattle Lights” Lantern Men

Pike Place Market

Graphic Delight

Make a scavenger hunt for yourself to find all six of the light-holding men. Hint: They hang upside down, sideways, and love illuminating every one of your steps.

The world’s largest collection of giant shoes


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On the fourth level of the market, people often overlook the brightly colored and muraled wall. The mess of color and crazy images is actually advertising a tiny gallery of large shoes within. Drop a few quarters into the coin boxes and look through viewing holes to see some of the largest shoes in the world. Yes, they’ve really been worn by people, including Robert Waldow, the world’s tallest man.

Watch the sunset at the Pike Place MarketFront


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On a clear day, you’ll be able to catch glimpses of the Olympic Mountain Range and Mt. Rainier from the Pike Place MarketFront, located on Western Avenue. You can easily cross over to the market by a bridge, the entrance being at the cross-section of Stewart Street and Pike Place.

The rooftop Urban Garden


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Not all visitors know about the rooftop garden, making it one of our favorite spots to avoid the crowds and bask in the sunshine.

The Urban Garden is maintained by volunteers and grows produce that is donated to the Pike Place Senior Center and the Food Bank. To find the garden, you’re going to want to stay on the main level of the market, where the fish throwers and big bronze statue are located. Walk past the sign that says Maximilien Restaurant, and continue walking towards Marketspice. From there, the walkway becomes a hallway. Follow the signs toward the Pike Market Senior Center and Urban Garden. After making the turn, the rooftop garden should be straight ahead.