7 Seattle diners worthy of being on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Feb 22 2020, 12:16 am

The classic American diner serves breakfast dishes all day, an array of salads, and pretty much any other meal that one could dream of eating. Seriously, diners are one of America’s greatest inventions.

Here are seven diners that even the Mayor of Flavortown, Guy Fieri, would approve of.

The 5 Point Cafe


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This 24-hour dive bar and diner is one of the oldest bars in existence in Belltown and has everything that your stomach could desire at 4 am. Build your own burger, get a fried chicken steak, or keep it simple with pancakes – the choice is yours.

Location: 415 Cedar Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-448-9991
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Luna Park Cafe


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It’s a little bit ambitious of Luna Park Cafe to have a sign saying “Best Milkshakes in Seattle” in their window, but we’ll allow it, because they’re pretty darn good. The vintage diner interior will have you thinking you’ve been transported to the 1950s.

Location: 2918 SW Avalon Way, Seattle
Phone: 206-935-7250
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Beth’s Cafe


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Beth’s Cafe and American diner food are synonymous. Since 1954, the 24-hour restaurant has been serving outrageous breakfasts to Seattleites. They have a twelve-egg omelet and all-you-can-eat hash browns. The cafe has been featured on the Travel Channel, The Food Network, and The Learning Channel.

Location: 7311 Aurora Avenue North, Seattle
Phone: 206-782-5588
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Roxy’s Diner


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With an East Coast-influenced menu, Roxy’s has both typical diner fare as well as some new takes on classic dishes. They pride themselves on New York Jewish deli staples, so get ready to pile on the lox. If you’re coming on a weekend, expect a little bit of a lineup, as the spot is a popular breakfast hub.

Location: 462 N 36th Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-632-3963

Lost Lake Cafe


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Lost Lake Cafe is a modern twist on the American diner experience. While the restaurant has red booths and classic diner floors, the feel of the eatery is more of a modern establishment. Once you get through the huge menu, take time browsing the campy photos lining the walls.

Location: 1505 10th Avenue, Seattle
Phone: 206-323-5678
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North Star Diner and Shanghai Room


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Glittery gold cushions, framed photos of astronauts, and 24-hour breakfast? Already a win for us. Enjoy one of Seattle’s favorite diners any time of day, seven days a week.

Location: 8700 Greenwood Avenue North, Seattle
Phone: 206-457-5794
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Planet Java Diner


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Hot, fast, and tasty dishes in a vibrant black, white, and red atmosphere are what you’re going to get at Planet Java. As the name infers, yes, the spot does have some endless java dripping. With classic dishes and no-frills plating, Planet Java is great for those in it for the flavor.

Location: 72 S Washington Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-340-8859

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