Here's where to get 7 of the best sandwiches in Seattle

Feb 24 2020, 4:28 pm

There is so much to love about the humble sandwich, especially when it’s taken to epic heights or piled with stellar ingredient combos and served on beautiful bread.

Now, we aren’t talking bao, breakfast sammies, hot dogs, or burgers. We’re talking straight up sandwiches, from succulent fried chicken and gooey grilled cheese to stacks of veggies or Vietnamese banh mi. If you wanted to eat your way around Seattle’s sandwiches, consider this your passport.

Here, in no particular order, are seven must-try sandwiches in Seattle.

Schmaltzy’s Delicatessen


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Lunchtime is when Schmaltzy’s really shines. With offerings of pastrami, hot dogs, bacon, turkey, fish, and more, you can’t go wrong. They even offer up vegetarian options such as The Classic Combo: Honeycrisp apple, caramelized onion, sherry vinegar, thyme, spinach, and brie.

Where: 928 Northwest Leary Way, Seattle
Phone: 206-784-1413
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With names like Mastodon, Dodo, Hunter, and Stonehenge, you best believe that these sandwiches are huge. For those seeking veggie options, Mammoth has four.

Where: 2501 Eastlake Avenue E, Seattle
Phone: 206-946-1065
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Cheese Meats Bread


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There are really only two things that make a sandwich: the bread and the interior. Cheese Meats Bread brings you a perfect combination of both. Choose between ten sandwiches, a slew of sides, and perhaps a shake to go.

Where: 604 5th Avenue S, Seattle
Phone: 206-624-0517
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HoneyHole Sandwiches


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Most sandwiches are a great brunch or lunchtime food. HoneyHole will have you rethink your whole way of life: their sandwiches are so good that you’ll be craving them for dinner.

Where: 703 E Pike Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-709-1399
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Valhalla Sandwiches


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You’re truly going to Viking heaven with a bite of one of these sammies. With buns at just the right temperature and tasty veggie options, we have nothing bad to say about Valhalla.

Where: 8202 Greenwood Avenue N, Seattle
Phone: 206-257-0658

Lan Hue Banh Mi


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There are so many components to the perfect banh mi: the bread must be toasty on the outside yet soft on the inside, the veggies have to have a tangy bite that doesn’t sting, there has to be a great house sauce — not too much, not too little — and it needs the perfect ratio of filling to other sandwich components. Lan Hue Banh Mi ticks all of these boxes.

Location: 900 South Jackson Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-623-3866

The Swinery


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Calling itself a “local mom and pop meat shop,” this unassuming restaurant is one of our top spots for sandwiches in the city. With 15 sandwich options and eight additional sauce options, there’s something for everyone — well, besides vegans, that is.

Location: 3207 California Avenue SW, Seattle
Phone: 206-932-4211