"This is a protest that doesn't have an end": Seahawks coach Pete Carroll

Aug 27 2020, 1:22 pm

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has long been supportive of his players discussing what’s going on around the world and using their platforms for good.

According to seahawks.com, after finishing their mock game and returning to the locker rooms Wednesday, Carroll and his players learned about the historic events and boycotts happening across sports following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, an unarmed Black man in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Blake was shot multiple times by police in front of his three sons and has been left paralyzed. Riots and protests have been taking place around the country since the incident on Sunday.

“The fact that this occurred again with Jacob Blake [shot] in plain view, plain sight is just such a horrific thing that happened,” Carroll said to Seahawks.com. “We talked about it again today with our guys just to try to give some moments to the thought of families and everybody that has to go through all this stuff.”

He went on to say that he heard Doc Rivers talking today.

“[He] did a great job of stating that this is just ridiculous. I can’t even imagine that this continues to happen. I don’t know how somebody could ever do that under the circumstances and the awareness that everybody should have right now, but it continues to happen, so it continues to be a real problem. There’s a lot of problems, but that’s just one of the ones that just jumps out at us. So I really applaud those guys for taking the night, but we all know that’s not enough, it’s just a statement, and what is important that everybody who is involved knows, it’s what we do about it and what we keep doing to straighten things out and get things right. This whole thing is ridiculous, and anybody that doesn’t recognize that just isn’t paying attention.”

When asked whether or not the NFL teams could elect to boycott games, Carroll replied that anything is possible.

“I mentioned to the players, this is the season of protest. So we’ll handle ourselves as we do. But this is a protest that doesn’t have an end to it until all the problems go away, and we solve issues and stuff. So we’re going to do our part and continue to work to stay actively involved and continue to stay in touch with the situations that are going on by staying on the topics, just in hopes that we can be there to help and support when we can and have influence where we can. The whole Black Lives Matter thing couldn’t be more obvious how true this whole movement is, and how much focus and change needs to come. It’s just so clear. I hope we can do something to help.”

He went on to say that the team is “not numb to it” and that they are “in tune.”

“The guys are feeling it, it’s topical, and we know that we have to do something. Like everybody that cares on the right side of this whole issue, you worry that you can’t do enough, you worry that you can’t be effective enough to create the change that we need. So we’ll continue to stay on it and continue to talk and do what we can.”

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