Portland police make 25 arrests during last night's protest: report

Aug 26 2020, 11:09 am

Tuesday night’s protest in Portland resulted in 23 arrests and two detainments of minors.

According to the Portland Police Bureau, shortly after 9 pm PT, more than 150 people marched to City Hall, where several individuals attempted to enter the facility through un-boarded windows and doors.

“Others were seen smashing security features on the building including a surveillance camera. Once crowd members had breached the doors to City Hall, several people entered the closed building, including those with ‘press’ affixed to their person,” reads the update from PPB. “Due to the seriousness of the crowd’s criminal behavior, the incident commander determined that the event was an unlawful assembly.”

Loudspeaker warnings followed the declaration of unlawful assembly, and officers descended on the crowd shortly after.

“Since the crowd did not leave, officers moved in and began to disperse the crowd. During the dispersal, several arrests were made.”

Just past 11 pm, a man was seen “attempting to set City Hall on fire” using an aerosol can and lighter. Citing “extreme life safety concerns,” the commander on the scene declared a riot.

“During the event, and after numerous warnings were given, Portland Police used crowd control munitions. CS (tear) gas was not used by the Portland police,” continues the report.

The crowd dispersed around 1:30 am Wednesday morning.

“Several arrests were made including a person who had ‘press’ affixed to them for burglary two. 23 adults were arrested and booked and two juveniles were detained.”

Most of the arrests were made citing interfering with a peace officer and disorderly conduct.

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