You can purchase a memorial tree at this Washington sanctuary

Aug 11 2020, 1:06 pm

Twenty years ago, Earth Sanctuary founder Chuck Pettis began clearing, operating, and planning a 72-acre nature reserve with a 500-year plan to “create a mature old-growth forest for the earth’s future.”

He planned to make the preserve with “maximum wildlife diversity and population which fights climate change by planting thousands of trees.”

Having planted over 15,000 native plants and 3,300 trees since 2000, the sanctuary is now promoting the purchase of trees through the Earth Sanctuary’s Memorial Tree Program which “allows people to purchase or gift a tree to honor a loved one, mark a milestone, or simply combat climate change.”

From May to July of this year, the sanctuary received a 44% increase in visitors, which they are crediting to those “seeking respite from the global health crisis.”

“Many of us have had increased feelings of chaos and confusion as the pandemic impacts the world, and while we abide by public health recommendations, this is also a time where we can do small things to make the world a better place,” said Chuck Pettis in a press release. “The Memorial Tree Program develops and maintains healthy forests that create and sustain wildlife habitats and diverse balanced ecosystems. Trees combat climate change and global warming while creating oxygen for healthier, cleaner air.”

Those interested in purchasing or gifting a memorial tree can do so at

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