The Washington Food Fund is now accepting donations

Apr 7 2020, 5:32 pm

Although Washington food banks remain open and schools continue offering lunches to public school students, supplies at the state’s food banks have dropped to dangerously low levels. This week, an estimated 1.6 million people are expected to depend on those supplies — double the usual amount.

As a way of helping these struggling food banks, Governor Jay Inslee along with key non-profits and local philanthropists have launched the WA Food Fund: a statewide food relief fund that will help reach those in need all over Washington.

The Food Fund will combine business and philanthropic dollars with individual fundraising.

“Washingtonians are generous neighbors who rise to the occasion, and this is a moment for individuals to make a difference,” said Inslee. “By coming together and contributing to this fund, we can meet this demand across the state and help our neighbors and their families put a meal on the table.”

Those who donate to the WA Food Fund will be providing meals to a person in need through Food Lifeline, Northwest Harvest, and Second Harvest.

“No matter how much people can contribute, each donated amount helps ease the burden for every person who has lost a job and is struggling to get by,” said Northwest Harvest CEO Thomas Reynolds.

To contribute to the WA Food Fund, visit

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