7 gorgeous hikes located less than three hours out of Seattle

Jul 19 2022, 6:38 pm

With the weather finally warming up, it’s time to lace up those hiking boots and get yourself out on a gorgeous hike around Seattle.

We’re not talking the Discovery Park loop, we’re talking legitimate hikes.

Here are seven of our favorite walking and hiking spots in and around Seattle.

Nolte State Park


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The forested, lakeside park is a perfect pick for those looking to encounter small woodland animals. The park includes 1.4 miles of bike trails and 1.4 miles of hiking trails. This is the perfect family park, with a playground as well as a large, grassy field.

Where:Ā 36921 Veazie Cumberland Road, Enumclaw
Approximate distance from Seattle:Ā 
1 hour

Schafer State Park


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Schafer State Park is best for those wanting to camp out. The national historic and heritage site offers great fishing spots, as well as a two-mile trail.

Where:Ā 1365 W Schafer Park Road, Elma
Approximate distance from Seattle:Ā 2 hours

Griffiths-Priday State Park


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Set on the Pacific coast, this park is perfect for beach lovers. Sure, itā€™s too chilly to enter the water, but that doesnā€™t mean that you canā€™t enjoy the ocean as well as the river at this gorgeous state park.

Where:Ā Ocean Shores, WA
Approximate distance from Seattle:Ā 2.5 hours

Twanoh State Park

Enjoy a moderate guided hike through the beautiful forest on Hood Canal. The park has an old-timey feel but with modern amenities. The hike is 2.5-miles and is child-friendly.

Where:Ā 12190 East SR 106, Union
Approximate distance from Seattle:Ā 1.5Ā hours

Lake Sylvia State Park


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Set in a former logging camp, enjoy wandering around the five-mile loop that revolves around the large swimming and fishing lake. While hiking, keep on the lookout for the dam that provided hydroelectric power to the logging camp in the early 1900s.

Where:Ā 1812 North Lake Sylvia Road, Montesanto
Approximate distance from Seattle:Ā 2 hours

Bottle Beach State Park


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Bottle Beach State Park is a perfect spot for birdwatchers. The guided hike takes place at 10 am at the Bottle Beach Interpretive Trail, and meets at the Bottle Beach State Park parking lots. This hike is stroller accessible and dog-friendly.

Where:Ā 33 Ocosta 3rd Street, Aberdeen
Approximate distance from Seattle:Ā 2 hours

FrinkĀ andĀ Leschi Parks


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This hike is way closer to home but still allows for a pretty decent amount of walking. Although Frink and Leschi Park are two separate places, the network of trails connects and intertwines. We love this spot because it is not only easily accessible by transit and driving but also well maintained and close to the water.

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