5 of the best spots in Seattle to go for a rainy day hike

Feb 12 2021, 11:40 pm

So you’ve read a list of all the Seattle hike options and realized none of them are actually in Seattle. Sure, some may argue that a city hike isn’t a true hike, but we’d like to politely disagree — not everyone feels like driving over an hour to get to a hike, especially not on a rainy day.

Here are five hikes in Seattle that are perfect for your next rainy day stroll.

Frink and Leschi Parks


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Although Frink and Leschi Park are two separate places, the network of trails connects and intertwines. We love this spot because it is not only easily accessible by transit and driving but also well maintained and close to the water.

Alki Trail


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Goodbye city, hello waterfront. While most people choose to bike this route, we prefer walking it in pieces. The trail is easy to follow and passes Seacrest Park, Alki Beach, The Alki Point Lighthouse, and more. If you’re planning on doing the whole trail in a day, do note that it’s around 30 miles and could take upwards of four hours to complete.

Washington Park Arboretum


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What is an arboretum, you ask? It’s an area devoted to the planting of trees and shrubs. In a way, it’s a museum of trees. The park itself is laced with miles of walkable trails and bridges, and it even houses its very own Japanese garden.

Interlaken Park


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Get ready to climb some steps at Interlaken Park. While the total distance of this trail is only 1.6 miles, the elevation varies 125 feet to 325 feet. We recommend this trail for people who like pacing themselves out and aren’t afraid to get a little mud on their shoes.

Elliot Bay Trail


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Elliot Bay Trail is one of our favorite hikes in Seattle. The trail goes through the Olympic Sculpture Park and Myrtle Edwards Park and is one of the best ways to avoid main city streets while absorbing the beautiful views that our city has to offer.

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