5 good news stories from around the world to brighten your day

Apr 29 2020, 6:23 pm

Sometimes catching up on daily news can be a daunting task. With a multitude of fear-inducing headlines, it’s enough to make anyone feel discouraged.

While staying informed on both local and international news is necessary, it’s essential to remind ourselves that it’s not all bad in this world.

To assure you that all is not doom and gloom, we’ve rounded up a few good news stories from around the world that are sure to put a smile on your face.

A man in France entertained his neighbors with a spot-on Freddie Mercury impression

Complete with a white tank top, tight jeans, and a spot-on mustache, one man in France, with the help of his handy vacuum, entertained his neighbors during quarantine with a delightful impersonation of the late, great Freddie Mercury, frontman of the iconic rock band Queen. With an entirely apt lip-sync of the band’s hit “I Want to Break Free,” the performance no doubt brought a smile to the faces of anyone who was in the vicinity to watch. Luckily, someone took a video and posted it to Twitter to share the hilarious rendition for the whole world to see.

Social media users around the world are dressing up to take out the trash

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Zoe-marie Masters/Bin Isolation Outing/Facebook

With how little we get to do it these days, any chance to go out, even if it’s just for the sake of chores, is a special occasion! As such, a new international trend has emerged on social media of folks dressing up to take out the trash. Images have appeared across the internet of people dressing up in a variety of costumes to bring some humor and a fun-loving attitude to their quarantine. There’s even an entire Facebook group dedicated to the trend called Bin Isolation Outing that has over one million members.

A US pizza joint is supplying free slices for those who can’t afford them


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Tony and Elissa, owners of Mickey’s NY Pizza in Hudson, New Hampshire, are donating free slices of pizza for those who are currently falling on tough times. “If ANYONE is not working/not getting a paycheck and you run out of food, or times are just tough…please don’t go to sleep with an empty stomach,” the couple stated in an Instagram post. “Don’t be afraid or embarrassed. At Mickey’s, we’re more than happy to make you a pizza. Especially if you have children.” Users were quick to support the couple and share positive thoughts and comments on the post, commending them for their kind hearts and selfless good deed.

A Canadian family is partnering with local companies to donate gift bags to frontline workers

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Rob Rathke and his family

When Toronto-based Rob Rathke received the news that two of his family members, one of which is a local paramedic, had tested positive for coronavirus, he decided to take the initiative to support frontline workers. He is doing so by creating gift bags with essential, healthy items curated from local companies, including GOODTO GO, Nature Clean, and Club Coffee. Working days and weekends, Rob and his family have been loading up their minivan and delivering these bags to local frontline healthcare workers and first responders across and beyond the Greater Toronto Area. The Rathkes have several first responders in the family, so they know firsthand how much of a toll the global pandemic has taken on essential workers.

One of the largest US recycling collectors is hosting surprise birthday parades for children during quarantine

These essential workers are going above and beyond to brighten the lives of children while they are issued to stay at home. Republic Services, the second-largest recycling collector in the US, has been hosting surprise birthday parades for children who love garbage trucks and their drivers. In a video posted to Facebook, Leslie Riley showed just what one of the parades looked like when it was put on for her daughter Lena’s third birthday. In the video, viewers can see the various garbage trucks beautifully decorated with pink flowers, balloons, flags, and a big sign that says “Lena” to show that the display is all for her. This gesture is another example of generous essential workers going out of their way to bring some light to the lives of children by ensuring that their birthdays are special.

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