Enjoy free online workouts backed by Seahawks QB Russell Wilson

Mar 27 2020, 7:51 pm

There are two types of people during Governor Jay Inslee’s mandated stay home order: those who are using the time to workout, and those who are using the time to stay in bed.

If you’re one of the few taking this time trying to better your health, enjoy virtual TruFusion fitness classes to get you through the isolation period and coming out looking your best.

Much like a Netflix for workouts, TruFusion allows you to sift through various courses ranging from High-Intensity Training (HIIT), Bootcamp, Pilates, Barre, Circuit Training yoga classes like Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Fit Flow and more, all for free.

“Since the community can’t come to us, we want to bring the community to everyone,” said Gabe Goldberg, Chief Marketing Officer at TruFusion Washington, in a press release.

The online courses are available on-demand or livestreamed, and are taught by popular and qualified instructors. The courses can be tailored to suit all levels.

The workouts are even backed by Seattle Seahawks quarterback and investor in TruFusion, Russell Wilson, who says, “In this time of uncertainty, it’s my privilege to continue to inspire everyone to put in work to achieve your goals, even if life looks very different.”

Those wanting to register for the free courses can do so online and will immediately receive access to the on-demand classes.

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