Here are 10 great home workout channels to follow while self-isolating

Mar 23 2020, 7:36 pm

Have you already burned through the snacks you bought for self-isolation? Has your pedometer shown you’ve only taken 12 steps today? Are the memes of gaining self-isolation weight sounding too real lately?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to get out of your slump and into your workout gear.

Each day, pick a workout from one of these home trainers to not only boost your mental health but to come out of isolation looking and feeling better than ever.

Chloe Ting

Chloe Ting hands-down has some of the best workouts on YouTube. Her upbeat personality will keep you going, while her easy-to-follow way of filming will have you hooked. She’s most known for her ab workouts, and shares free two-week workout programs on her website.

Jeff Nippard

For those lacking even a yoga mat, Jeff Nippard has you covered. He’s carefully curated exercises using furniture that you surely have at home. His channel also features food videos and other bodyweight exercises.

Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender’s videos are great because they aren’t easy. The channel features both a male and female instructor who share their workout programs, full-length workout videos, individual exercise videos, and more. The duo has nearly six million followers and enough videos to last you months.


When you think of fratty gym bros, the trainers of this channel may come to mind. Don’t judge too quickly, though. Their helpful videos not only show you how to complete the exercises, but explain why they’re important, and how your muscles work together.

Tom Daley

Remember the cute British Olympic diver that the world was obsessed with a few years ago? Well, he’s back with a series of home exercises complete with a Union Jack living room set. While personal training isn’t his specialty, his new series of home workouts seems promising.

Pamela Reif

During this period of self-isolation, Pamela Reid has been coming in clutch by providing us with daily ten-minute bodyweight videos, as well as live workouts. Although her live workouts are set in European Time, you can always follow along later as they remain posted online. Warning: Her workouts hurt.

Natacha Océane

Natascha Océane not only shows up with great matching sets but also makes us work towards our goals. Her brightly-lit videos will have you forgetting all about the gloomy outside and straight into the pain of your burning body.

Fraser Wilson

Skip the chit chat and get straight into working out with Wilson. His simple workouts feature boppin’ music that’s enough to motivate you to continue on. Fraser Wilson’s YouTube channel is packed with bodyweight workouts for arms, legs, abs, and more.


For those who’ve been working out online for years, you know the name Blogilates. For over ten years, certified fitness instructor Cassey Ho has been delivering weekly videos to help you hit your fitness goals. Her workouts combine yoga, pilates, and bodyweight exercises.

Jeremy Either

Swapping out the gym for home workouts? Workout alongside Jeremy as he teaches you how to utilize everyday items to build muscle. We love his videos because he includes graphics showing what muscles you’re utilizing, as well as explaining how to do each exercise.

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