The Seattle Public Library is loaning free Discover Passes

Jun 9 2021, 10:27 am

This summer, the Seattle Public Library is loaning a limited number of Discover Passes to Library cardholders.

The program allows those with library cards to borrow a Discover Pass for two weeks, which allows them access to millions of acres of state parks and other state public lands.

“Whether they want to swim, hike, boat or camp, our patrons now have more access to Washington State’s unparalleled outdoor areas through this program,” said Andrew Harbison, interim director of Library Programs and Services for The Seattle Public Library, in a press release.

The Discover Passes are only necessary for motor vehicles and aren’t needed if you want to access the parks by boat or by non-motorized means.

Those interested in loaning the passes can use their library card to reserve a Discover Pass in the online catalog, as they would a book. When the pass becomes available, they can pick it up at any open library location.

The pass was created in 2011 to offset steep reductions in general tax support for parks and other recreation lands and facilities. When you buy the pass, you’re helping to keep the state’s outdoor recreation sites open and accessible to the public.

There are two pass options: a $30 annual pass, good for one year from the date of purchase, or a $10 day pass.

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