What to eat in and around Seattle today: Tacos Chukis

Jun 29 2020, 8:19 pm

If you’re craving tasty tacos then you need to check out Tacos Chukis.

The taco shop was born as a result of a UW grad not knowing what to do with his life. After riding a bicycle 1,700 miles to his hometown of Tijuana, he was greeted by his family and one dish: tacos.

It was then and there that heā€™d decided to bring a taqueria to Seattle. Since then, the spot has grown into four locations, each one serving up the perfect tacos.

At Tacos Chukis, the options are endless. Although we recommend all of their tacos, the ones with grilled pineapple such as the taco chukis and taco adobada take the cake.


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Those looking to try a cheesy authentic taqueria favorite should opt for a mulita. The taco restaurant serves up five kinds of mulitas, each for $2.99.


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If you’re a burrito fan, the baby burritos will get you just the right amount of full without overstuffing your stomach. You could also go for a quesadilla for the same effect.


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If you’d like to try something new, go for the nopal asado, which includes toppings on a grilled prickly pear cactus leaf paddle. Tacos Chukis also serves up tortas sandwiches as an alternative to tortilla wraps.


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You can place an orderĀ onlineĀ or in-person for takeout.

Tacos Chukis

Location:Ā 2203 E Union Streer, Seattle
Location:Ā 1608 S Roberto Maestas Festival Street, Seattle
Location:Ā 832 Dexter Avenue N, Seattle
Location:Ā 219 Broadway E, Seattle
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