7 of Seattle's best deli sandwich spots that aren’t Subway

Jun 24 2021, 8:56 pm

With the rising controversy over whether or not Subway uses real tuna or not, you may be wanting to switch sandwich makers.

Because deli sandwiches are the elite sandwiches, we fully understand why you’d rather have someone else make you a sandwich than put it together at home.

Here are seven deli sandwich spots that are great lunchtime hotspots:

Schmaltzy’s Delicatessen


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Lunchtime is when Schmaltzy’s really shines. With offerings of pastrami, hot dogs, bacon, turkey, fish, and more, you can’t go wrong. They even offer up vegetarian options like the Classic Combo with honeycrisp apple, caramelized onion, sherry vinegar, thyme, spinach, and brie.

Location: 928 Northwest Leary Way, Seattle
Phone: 206-784-1413
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HoneyHole Sandwiches

Most sandwiches are a great brunch or lunchtime food. HoneyHole will have you rethinking your whole way of life: their sandwiches are so good that you’ll be craving them for dinner.

Where: 703 E Pike Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-709-1399
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Lan Hue Banh Mi


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There are so many components to the perfect banh mi: the bread must be toasty on the outside yet soft on the inside, the veggies have to have a tangy bite that doesn’t sting, there has to be a great house sauce — not too much, not too little — and it needs the perfect ratio of filling to other sandwich components. Lan Hue Banh Mi ticks all of these boxes.

Location: 900 South Jackson Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-623-3866

Tat’s Deli


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Tat’s Deli is Seattle’s closest thing to a true East Coast deli. Enjoy everything from hoagies to Philly steaks, hot subs, and specials.

Location: 159 Yesler Way, Seattle
Phone: 206-264-TATS
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My Favorite Deli

Names just can’t get any more creative than My Favorite Deli. That being said, it’s sure to become your favorite deli due to its simplicity and overall greatness.

Location: 1301 NE 45th Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-545-4490

Layers Sandwich Co.

Layers Sandwich Co. is a food truck that you don’t want to miss. With hilarious names such as Precocious Piggy, Splish Spash beef in a bath, and I’d Date a Jalapeño, you just know that the sandwich wizards don’t take themselves too seriously.

Location: Food truck schedule can be found online
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Potbelly Sandwich Shop

Yes, we know that Potbelly Sandwich Shop is a chain. That being said, their sandwiches taste wonderful and come incredibly fresh.

Location: A full list of locations can be found online
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