7 places to get delicious cheap eats in Seattle

Jun 9 2021, 9:14 pm

Going out to eat is one of the best things in the world. Until you find yourself running out of cash, that is.

We’ve gathered a list of ways you can still hang out and eat with friends, minus the price tag or having to skip out on a meal.

Here are seven of Seattle’s best cheap eats:

Pam’s Kitchen

If you were a fan of jerk chicken before 2015, you may remember, when Pam’s Kitchen was located in the University District. They’ve since moved to Wallingford where people still come to enjoy spicy jerk dishes.

Location: 1715 N 45th Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-696-7010

Marinepolis Sushi Land

Okay, we know that the quality of Marinepolis isn’t the greatest. But let’s just say that you’ve had a little puff of somethin’-somethin’ and all of a sudden you’re starving with a craving for sushi. Come to Sushi Zone. With conveyor belt rolls and inexpensive pricing, you’re going to walk out of there satisfied.

Location: 138 107th Avenue, Bellevue
Phone: 425-455-2793
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Tacos Chukis


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Tacos Chukis was born as a result of a UW grad not knowing what to do with his life. After riding a bicycle 1,700 miles to his hometown of Tijuana, he was greeted by his family and one dish: tacos. It was then and there that he’d decided to bring a taqueria to Seattle.

Location: 2203 E Union Streer, Seattle
Location: 1608 S Roberto Maestas Festival Street, Seattle
Location: 832 Dexter Avenue N, Seattle
Location: 219 Broadway E, Seattle
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Tres’ House of Cheesesteaks

The owner of the food truck, Tremaine Battle, wanted to bring the magic of East Coast Philly cheesesteaks to the West Coast. Over the past two years, he’s managed to do so with unique cooking techniques, authentic ingredients, and secret seasonings.

Location: 8519 15th Avenue NW, Seattle
Phone: 206-308-0255
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Frelard Tamales


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Frelard Tamales serves up nine types of tamales, with both cooked and uncooked options so that you can munch on one while taking some home to freeze for later.

Location: 6412 Latona Avenue NE, Seattle
Phone: 206-523-6654
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Koibito Sushi & Teriyaki


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Instead of a high-end experience, come into Koibito for a loving mom-and-pop vibe. The menu is pretty representative of traditional Japanese cooking, while prices are reasonable for the amount of food you receive.

Location: 1201 Dexter Avenue North, Seattle
Phone: 206-282-2113

Piroshki on 3rd


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Enjoy authentic piroshkies at Piroshki on 3rd. While some spots opt to fry their pastries or use puff pastry, this spot bakes theirs in fluffy and buttery brioche buns.

Location: 710 3rd Avenue, Seattle
Phone: 206-322-2820
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