7 places to get homestyle congee in and around Seattle

Nov 3 2021, 9:43 pm

Whether you call it jook or congee, one thing is for certain: the dish is simply delicious.

Growing up, my mother used to make me congee whenever I was sick, sad, or simply had a craving.

Now that I’m in my twenties, I’ve learned that the Chinese rice porridge dish makes for the best hangover cure.

Whether you’re sick or sick to your stomach from one too many brews, we totally understand if you’re having a craving. Here are seven of the best places to get congee in and around Seattle.

Secret Congee

Secret Congee serves up congee influenced by the South East Asia style of cooking — which means that nothing about it is bland. Congee flavors include youtiao crispy fried dough, classic congee, tom yum shrimp congee, braised pork belly congee, slow-cooked beef and kimchi congee, miso roasted squash congee, garlic blue crab congee, and more.

Location: 4405 Wallingford Avenue N, Seattle
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Harbor City Restaurant


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Yes, Harbor City Restaurant is mainly a dim sum spot. That doesn’t mean that you should sleep on their congee, though. Pick between over 15 types of congee and share with the table — or steal it all for yourself. We won’t judge.

Location: 707 S King Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-621-2228

Mike’s Noodle House


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Skip the noods and go straight for the congee. With over 25 types of congee, you may be a little overwhelmed with the selection. Our only tip? Add the Chinese donut.

Location: 418 Maynard Avenue S, Seattle
Phone: 206-389-7099

Canton Wonton House


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Canton Wonton House is a no-frills spot serving up delicious soups, noodles, and congee. The bare decor should really tell you all you need to know: their main focus is on their food.

Location: 608 S Weller Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-682-5080

Ton Kiang Barbeque Noodle House


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Enjoy a delicious bowl of congee for around $5 at Ton Kiang Barbeque Noodle House. Pick between mixed meat, preserved egg and pork, rock cod, chicken, duck, beef, and more.

Location: 668 S Weller Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-622-3388

King Noodle


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We love the King Noodle congee because they allow you to customize your taste. Choose two items to add to your congee — they have everything from pork liver and century egg to enoki mushrooms and pumpkin.

Location: 615 South King Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-748-9168

Canton Noodle House


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Not to be confused with Canton Wonton House, Canton Noodle House is an unassuming spot serving up some delicious dishes. The spot is so low-key that they don’t even have a website set up. You just have to trust us that it has killer congee.

Location: 6008 Martin Luther King Jr Way S, Seattle
Phone: 206-329-5650

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