8 places to board your dog in Seattle when you're on vacation

Jun 24 2021, 8:15 pm

If you could have it your way, we’re sure you’d love to take your dog on vacation with you.

Unfortunately, until the world becomes more pet-friendly, we have to rely on pet hotels to board our pups.

It’s a good thing Seattle has so many great spots for pets; they’re basically going on a vacation of their own.

Here are eight of the best places in Seattle to board your pup:

Seattle Canine Club

Seattle Canine Club is so prestigious that it’s even got its own crest. While they don’t use crystal drinking bowls or fancy towels, the Canine Club does boast scheduled private mealtimes, three designated play areas, as well as shock-absorbing, 3/4-inch, wall-to-wall Tenderfoot rubber matting so that your pup doesn’t have to worry about hurting their paws and joints.

Location: 2751 4th Avenue South, Seattle
Phone: 206-957-9097
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Seattle-born Rover connects dog lovers to those in need of sitters, walkers, boarders, and more. The website conducts background checks to make sure that each dogsitter is qualified and allows you to chat to several options before booking securely. This is the perfect option for those wanting to leave their pup in reliable solo care.

Location: multiple locations
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The Dog Resort

The Dog Resort is just as wonderful as it sounds. Established in 2009, the dog resort has seen thousands of dogs at their SODO and Lake City locations. Both locations have a fenced outdoor area, as well as inside play areas. The resort can also accommodate temperamental dogs in their private rooms.

Location: 13045 Lake City Way NE, Seattle
Phone: 206-362-3836
Location: 629 S Industrial Way, Seattle
Phone: 206-362-3836
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Rocket Dog Care


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If your dog enjoys the outdoors, send them to Rocket Dog Care. Your pup will spend its days socializing, playing, as well as going on excursions to some of the best off-leash parks.

Location: 9035 12th Avenue NW, Seattle
Phone: 206-420-1516
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Shay’s Play and Stay

Shay’s Play and Stay began with one goal: to provide the best dog care experience in the Seattle area. Shay boards dogs in her own home, which ensures that your pup gets all the care and play it needs.

Phone: 425-280-1816

Metro Dog


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Metro Dog specializes in long-term boarding and offers discounts beginning at 13 nights. All dog watchers are pet first-aid certified and love taking the pups on walks.

Location: 4020 23rd Avenue W, Seattle
Phone: 206-284-3647
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Good Dog


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Good Dog daycare and boarding consists of dog-loving staff who genuinely care for each and every single one of the pups that come through the door. Unfortunately, Good Dog only takes in good dogs, so your dog will have to go through a temperament test. The good news about having to take a test? You can ensure that your dog will only be around good vibes all day.

Location: 9064 Delridge Way SW, Seattle
Phone: 206-932-7833
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Camp Crockett


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Camp Crockett is summer camp for your pup. They’ll love running around and taking part in various activities, all while making new friends.

Location: 5611 Delridge Way SW, ​Seattle
Phone: 206-327-9301
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