7 of the best spots to get a scrumptious slice of pie in Seattle

Apr 1 2021, 11:03 pm

No, we’re not talking pizza pie.

We’re talking about the sweet, sometimes savory, but always flaky and crispy made-with-love pies.

Here are the best spots to get a slice of pie in Seattle:

314 Pie


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You don’t even have to leave your house to order 314 Pie, they deliver.¬†The pie food truck is currently offering six savory pies and three sweet pies, all of which use ethical ingredients that are sourced “as close to home as possible.” If you feel like finding them in person, check out their schedule here.

Location: Various locations, the schedule can be found here
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A La Mode Pies


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The best thing about A La Mode Pies is also the worst. Because their menu rotates seasonally, the chances of you finding your new favorite pie are high. Unfortunately, it also means that you only have one season to enjoy that pie. Either way, your new favorite is definitely here.

Location: 4225 SW Alaska Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-456-4343

Location: 5821 Phinney Avenue N, Seattle
Phone: 206-383-3796
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Baked From the Hart

Apple cobbler, blackberry cobbler, coconut pie, key lime pie, lemon pie, peach cobbler, pumpkin pie, tropical pie, pecan pie sweet bean pie, and sweet potato pie are your options at Baked From The Hart. Bill Hart has been baking amazing pies since 1971, and you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t purchase one.

Location: 2801 S Hanford Street, Seattle
Phone: 2o6-650-9191
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Pie Bar


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If you’re looking for a great vegan pie, Pie Bar has some amazing selections. We love the vegan cremini pot pie, as well as their vegan cherry pie. For those who do eat meat and dairy, don’t worry, they also have meat-filled pies.

Location: 2218 NW Market Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-535-8489
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Cakes of Paradise

Cakes of Paradise makes amazing creamy pies. Their dessert pies are tall, beautifully layered, and fruity. Each cake and pie is inspired by Hawaii and specializes in tropical flavored cakes.

Location: 6322 6th Avenue S, Seattle
Phone: 206-763-1151
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Macrina Bakery


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Macrina Bakery calls them tarts, but they’re so delicious and pie-like to our non-baker palettes that they deserve to be on this list. Pick between a lemon tart, fresh fruit and yogurt tart, rustic fruit tart, or a seasonal fruit double-crusted pie.

Location: 2408 First Avenue, Seattle
Phone: 206-448-4032

Location: 1943 First Avenue S, Seattle
Phone: 206-623-0919

Location: 615 West McGraw Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-283-5900

Location: 749 19th Avenue E, Seattle
Phone: 206-328-7573
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Bakery Nouveau


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Don’t get distracted by the gorgeous cakes at Bakery Nouveau, you’re here for the pies. Unfortunately, Bakery Nouveau’s rotating menus don’t always feature pies. When they do, however, they’re some of the best in Seattle.

Location: 4737 California Avenue SW, Seattle
Phone: 206-923-0534

Location: 137 15th Avenue E, Seattle
Phone: 206-858-6957
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