7 places to get some of the best waffles in Seattle

Mar 25 2021, 8:55 pm

If you’re searching for the best waffles in Seattle, look no further. Here’s our short and sweet list of places in the city that specialize in waffles, or are known for their waffles specifically.

Whether it’s adorable liege waffles you can take on-the-go or savory stuffed brussels waffles, here are seven places to get the best waffles in Seattle.

Fat’s Chicken and Waffles


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Oh, for crying out loud. This place has chicken and waffles in its name; you know it’s the star of the show. The perfectly crispy chicken is set on a not-too-thick waffle, allowing you to cut out the perfect bite.

Location: 2726 East Cherry Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-602-6863
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Bebop Waffle Shop


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What was once Admiral Bird Cafe has turned into Bebop Waffle Shop. The queer and women-owned café prides itself on serving creative all-day breakfast, filled with new and unusual ways to serve and enjoy waffles.

Location: 2600 California Avenue SW, Seattle
Phone: 206-305-7182
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The Moo Bar


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Known for their limited-edition glassware and tasty bubble teas, the bubble waffles at The Moo Bar often fly under the radar. If you’re looking for a new way to try waffles, skip the liege and Belgium and go for the bubble.

Location: 2124 Westlake Avenue, Seattle
Phone: 206-467-3191
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Salt and Sugar Cafe and Bakery

Salt and Sugar is a family-owned bakery specializing in baked goods, breakfast sandwiches, waffles, lunch items, and great coffee. Choose between seven sweet Belgian waffles, five savory Belgian waffles, and three liege waffles.

Location: 5615 24th Avenue NW #102, Seattle
Phone: ​206-708-1366
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Arosa cafe specializes in one thing: waffles. You may be tempted by their sandwiches, but trust us, stick with the waffles.

Location: 3121 E Madison, Suite 101 Seattle
Phone: 206-405-0605
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The Waffler 


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The Waffler offers a fun and funky take on waffles. Pick between fully-loaded waffle sandwiches or stick with classic dessert waffles. Either way, you’re going to love your order.

Location: 615 156th Avenue SE, Bellevue
Phone: 425-449-8010
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Go to Bambu for their pandan waffle. Seriously. Their drinks are hearty and nutritious, but their dessert menu is really going to get you. Ignore the rest and solely go for the waffles.

Location: 516 7th Avenue S, Seattle
Phone: 206-538-0399

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