7 places to get delicious and dippable hummus in Seattle

May 12 2021, 11:38 pm

Made out of chickpeas, hummus is one of those healthy foods that actually tastes great.

Whether you prefer to dip into your hummus with carrot sticks and pita or would rather slather it all over shawarma, these seven Seattle spots will have you hitting the hummus jackpot.

Here are seven of the best places to get hummus in Seattle.

Yannis Greek Restaurant

Although it was once featured on Kitchen Nightmares, the fact that Yannis Greek Restaurant is still around eight years later is a great indication of how great the food has become. We recommend starting your meal with their hummus dip, which will perfectly set the standard for your other dishes.

Location: 7419 Greenwood Avenue N
Phone: 206-783-6945

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Ziva Mediterranean Foods

Available for purchase at farmers’ markets across Seattle, Ziva Mediterranean Foods produces hummus using only six ingredients: sprouted Pacific Northwest garbanzo beans, tahini, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, and sea salt.

Location: locations for purchase can be found online
Phone: 206-678-5041

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Aviv Hummus Bar


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You don’t go to a hummus bar without eating the hummus. The spot serves up six types of homemade hummus bowls, all of which can be modified to include a boiled egg, falafel, hatzilim, hot chickpeas, and even extra hummus — adding hummus to a hummus bowl, amazing.

Location: 107 15th Avenue E, Seattle
Phone: 206-323-7483

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Hummus Cafe


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Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine is what you’ll find at Hummus Cafe. The spot serves up some of the best handmade traditional Egyptian and Mediterranean dishes, including hummus, of course.

Location: 8420 Greenwood Avenue N, Seattle
Phone: 206-706-9300


Petra Bistro

The hummus at Petra Bistro comes with two warm pitas and has all the flavors of chickpeas, garlic, tahini, salt, and lemon juice. You can even order a veggie combo that comes with hummus, baba ghanouje, dolmathes, and falafel.

Location: 2501 4th Avenue, Seattle
Phone: 206-728-5389

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Cafe Turko is an authentic Turkish restaurant and tea house that serves vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, as well as meaty diets. Their hummus is all made in-house with a touch of Turkish love.

Location: 750 North 34th Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-284 9954

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Yalla Seattle


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Yalla Seattle is a celebration of authentic Middle Eastern cuisine in Seattle. Their hummus is served with one piece of homemade saj bread and can be included in most wraps and dishes.

Location: 1510 East Olive Way, Seattle

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