8 vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Seattle you need to try right now

Nov 20 2019, 6:00 am

It hasn’t always been easy to find impressive dishes when ordering a plant-based meal.

Things are different now. Vegetarian and vegan eateries are swarming the market, and a lot of them are doing major things to shake up the gastronomy game as a whole. 

Many — if not all — of the spots on our list aren’t just for those that living the herbivore life. In fact, there are plenty of meatless restaurants that everyone should try, regardless of your diet. 

Here is a look at some of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Seattle.

Cafe Flora

Vegetarian spots in Seattle that you need to try now


While plenty of the spots on our list regularly focus on one particular style of food, Cafe Flora has grown a fandom for having a large variety of culinary adventures all under the same roof. Cafe Flora is also part of the Flora family, which runs a small vegetarian eatery in the Seattle Airport called Floret, and a vegetarian and vegan option bakery on Beacon Hill called The Flora Bakehouse. 

Address: 2901 E Madison Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-325-9100

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Wayward Vegan Cafe

Vegetarian spots in Seattle that you need to try now


Known for their vegan and vegetarian platters, the Wayward Vegan Cafe is an absolute must for folks on the specified diets, as well as for anyone interested in feasting on some of the best eats and breakfast foods that Seattle has to offer.

Though they have had some problems in recent weeks with their equipment failing, you’d best try to get in when they are open.

Address: 801 NE 65th Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-524-0204

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Harvest Beat

Vegetarian spots in Seattle that you need to try now


Harvest Beat is a bit of a wild card in the common-level gastronomy industry. Taking queues from extremely exclusive high-end dining experiences, folks visiting Harvest Beat serve a fixed menu, so don’t expect a lot of the way in choice (aside from their ability to accommodate allergies). The set menu at Harvest Beat comes loaded with delectable dishes and is accompanied by the complete story of who it was grown by and how it was made. 

Truly, Harvest Beat is one of the best culinary experiences in Seattle. Vegetarian or otherwise.

Address: 1711 N 45th Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-547-1348


Plum Bistro

Vegetarian spots in Seattle that you need to try now


With more than just the Bistro, the Plum family includes multiple Pantry locations and a food truck. From Chef Makini Howell, Plum takes Vegetarian and Vegan cuisine and cranks up the class of the entire thing. Plenty of glowing recommendations come from all sorts of food experts of all diets. It’s an absolute treat for foodies in the City of Flowers.

Address: 1429 12th Avenue, Seattle
Phone: 206-838-5333

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Lotus Vegetarian

Vegetarian spots in Seattle that you need to try now


The unassuming and off the beaten path Vietnamese restaurant in the South West of Seattle is one of the most delicious options in town for those with Vegetarian and Vegan diets. Most of all, praise comes from all over for their “fake” fried fish plates.

It’s a bit of a trek for those without wheels, but every inch of their menu is worth the journey.

Address: 10439 16th Avenue SW, Seattle
Phone: 206-466-6345


Sunlight Cafe

Vegetarian spots in Seattle that you need to try now


This quaint, small-town-vibe cafe in Seattle is home to some of the tastiest vegetarian eats in all of Seattle. Perhaps best known for their vegan and gluten-free waffles flavored with Lemon and Poppyseed, the Sunlight Cafe is well worth the time to hunt down and devour. Another notable menu item is their ever-revolving selection of Vegan pies. 

Address: 6404 9th Ave NE #100, Seattle
Phone: 206-522-9060

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Pizza Pi

Vegetarian spots in Seattle that you need to try now


It’s hard to live a pizza-less life, and there have been plenty of contenders popping up all over the world to satiate your pizza pie needs if you’re vegetarian or vegan. Pizza Pi in Seattle may be the unequivocal victor, especially for those in the Pacific Northwest. Not only does Pizza Pi not skimp on the toppings, but every single menu pizza is also available in calzone form, making it one of the best on-the-go pie shops in North America. 

Address: 5500 University Way, Seattle
Phone: 206-343-1415

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Vegetarian spots in Seattle that you need to try now


In a completely fresh twist, Highline delivers to the streets of Seattle a combination that has rarely ever been done. Want to go to a punk bar that serves infused lagers and vegan pub food? Well then, Highline is your new home.

See some amazing bands with hard to read logos and eat some of the best sticky-floor fare on the market.

Address: 210 Broadway E, Seattle
Phone: 206-328-7837

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