What to eat in Portland today: Rush Bowls

Jun 29 2020, 5:09 pm

Rush Bowls in Portland is serving up some of the most vibrant, tasty, healthy, full meals blended up in a bowl. They’re pretty, and they will make you feel so bright inside.

Healthy foods are amazing. In fact, plenty of foods that are absolutely terrible for you are also amazing. It’s a great world we, as foodies, live in. So many delicious options. However, let’s make the better choice for our bodies today and lean away from the latter. This is where we find astounding Portland enterprises like Rose & Lincoln, Ground Up, Cafe Yumm, and today’s feature: Rush Bowls.

Part smoothie, part acai bowl, part heaven, Rush Bowls provides a blended bowl of up to five servings worth of fruits and vegetables, topped with perfect accents like granola, drizzles, and more.

This may be the best meal in a bowl you can get.

What to order

With a medley of options from destination-inspired concoctions to full wellness bowls, there is a lot to love about each and every pick you could make at Rush Bowls. They even make a dog-friendly bowl for your canine companion, topped with a milk bone and all.


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The beautiful bowl topping our recommendation list, dubbed the Chai’s Mystique, includes banana, almonds, cinnamon, honey, chai, milk of your choice, and frozen yogurt, topped with granola, honey, and one additional topping.

Rush Bowls

Address: #330, 2085 NE Allie Avenue, Hillsboro
Phone: 503 567 9377

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