What to eat in Portland today: Portland Chocolate Laboratory

Jun 24 2020, 1:12 pm

Chocolate is a big part of some people’s joy on Earth, it’s a treat that has spanned and evolved over hundreds of years. It’s therapy, in some cases. One Portland company takes that idea and love of chocolate to a new level with its crafted confections.

The Portland Chocolate Laboratory is a local chocolatier, that includes the Chakralot service, an extra-mile kind of product that takes your love of chocolate and merges it with our ever-growing need for zen and relaxation.


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In addition to meditation programs, the Portland Chocolate Laboratory also focuses on the betterment of the body, an improvement in your sleep, and a full set of moon-cycle defined chocolates that have a subscription option.

Using products like CBD and organic herbs, these fine folks are taking the chocolate game up a notch by giving fans of the sweet stuff an opportunity to think and see what change can be brought to your life.

What to order

While we would suggest things like the Portland Chocolate Laboratory’s Sleep Butter, and moon-cycle subscription, it’s their unique take on interaction and health that sparks a major fire in our hearts.


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Chakralot Meditations guide the eater through all stages of Chakra meditation throughout the course of consuming your box of carefully designed and meticulously crafted chocolates. Four alchemists developed the box-set and audio-guided meditation routine over the course of five years, so both should be excellent.

Portland Chocolate Laboratory

Address: 8012 SE 13th Avenue, Portland
Phone: 503-387-7009

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