Oregon Health Authority issues tips for smoke safety during wildfires

Sep 9 2020, 5:27 pm

As if 2020 would have thought to let up a little bit, the state of Oregon is now dealing with extreme wildfire danger, and thanks to a forecast of high winds until the weekend, the rate at which these fires grow will continue for now.

The Oregon Health Authority released some emergency and health safety tips to combat smoke from the wildfires and adapting air quality issues.

Evacuation orders and warnings are evolving at a rapid pace, and the OHA sees potentially major issues with those that could be greatly affected by the poor air quality.

Children are subject to health threats due to their adolescent respiratory systems. Others at risk are the elderly, and those with underlying heart or lung diseases, such as congestive heart failure, angina, COPD, emphysema or asthma.

In turn, the OHA recommends that a week of medication for your underlying health conditions be held on-hand should an evacuation be needed or access be cut off.

Additionally, the Oregon Public Health Division has a few videos uploaded to their YouTube channel aimed at aiding those through potentially dangerous smoke conditions.

The OHA often refers to the Oregon Smoke website and map, which details the most up-to-date information regarding current smoke and air-quality throughout the state of Oregon.

Ranging from Good to Hazardous, this smoke map can play a crucial role in knowing whether or not extra precautions must be taken.

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