Oregon doctor becomes viral sensation with feel-good dancing videos

Apr 13 2020, 7:50 pm

Known online as the “TikTok Doc,” Dr. Jason Campbell has gained internet fame as healthcare workers take center stage in this time of crisis.

Originally, the second-year anesthesiology resident used social media and dancing to bring levity to a stressful vocation and inspire African-American youth who have dreams of becoming doctors.

“I started the videos as an opportunity to connect with the African-American youth,” Dr. Campbell told Daily Hive. “This was before COVID-19 when I felt young black boys and girls needed to see someone who looked like them wearing a white coat and scrubs dancing like them.”

Now, as the world adjusts to a new normal, the TikTok Doc has become a beacon of hope.

“Once COVID-19 began, an overwhelming amount of support was created for these dances as a small amount of reprieve and a smile or a laugh during a tumultuous time.”

What started as a fun and charismatic way to spread information on the virus and social distancing measures quickly skyrocketed Dr. Campbell into viral fame as the dancing doctor stole the hearts of citizens all over the world.

Some of his TikTok clips have hit over 200,000 views, while his biggest video (the foot handshake) has breached four million views worldwide.

@drjcofthedcCoronavirus Foot Shake. No hand shakin’ allowed in the hospital!##coronavirus ##oohnananachallenge ##oohnanana ##ohnana @jimmyfallon @charlidamelio♬ Oh Nanana – Remix – dj 6rb & bonde r300

@drjcofthedcYou can still have fun while social distancing. ##fyp ##foryourpage ##socialdistancing ##savelives ##stayhome ##smile ##onefoot ##onehand ##rightfootleftfoot♬ Hit Yo Rollie – ハハハハハ

“Patient care is never interrupted, these dances usually occur at the end of a long day and we never poke fun at our patients — COVID 19 is serious and caring for our patients is our number 1 priority.”

As a serving member of the anesthesiology team at Oregon Health & Science University — one of Portland’s largest hospitals — Dr. Campbell is helping and healing on both the frontline, and online.

For more, check out Dr. Campbell’s TikTok channel.

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