Here are some of cute dogs waiting to be adopted in Portland (PHOTOS)

Jan 13 2020, 10:03 pm

The news can be awfully depressing sometimes, and it’s worth taking a step back from the doom and gloom of everything that’s happening around us every now and then, and focus on the joy that’s still left in the world.

Yes, we’re talking about dogs. Puppies. Pups. Man’s best friends. Whatever you want to call our furry friends.

Whether you’re looking to expand your family, or maybe you’re planning on getting a dog for the very first time, the Oregon Humane Society has several adorable dogs with big hearts and even bigger personalities looking for a place to call their forever home.

Check out these dogs waiting to find a family at the OHS. If you want to get a chance to meet any of the cuties below, and learn more about them, check out OHS’s dog adoption list here.

Barry O

Oregon Humane Society

Barry O is an American pit bull whose personality is as sweet as his looks. While this sweet little guy still needs help with his leash manners, he is super motivated to learn new things, and will do best in a home where his family is with him most of the time.


Oregon Humane Society

This adorable American Pit Bull Mix is only nine weeks old, and despite being very cute, she’s proven herself to be quite the exuberant handful. Carrey’s perfect owner would be someone with a lot of patience to train her.


Oregon Humane Society

This beautiful Alaskan Malamute-Siberian breed is three years old and extremely intelligent. She is motivated by treats, so it’s a great way for her to be taught to learn new tricks. It’s best for her to go to a home without small animals or cats.


Oregon Humane Society

Leo is a “man of leisure,” and loves cuddles, and with a face like that, it’s not difficult to give this 9-year-old Havanese-Jack Russell Terrier gentleman some love! Don’t let this age fool you, Leo still loves to get out there and have a good time.


Oregon Humane Society

Garth is a heart-strings pulling, nine-week-old white puppy. This American Pit Bull mix needs guidance and patience because he’s just a wee baby, but he’ll blossom into your best friend in the right family.


Oregon Humane Society

Dopey is a one-year-old Shepherd mix, and is one of the friendliest dog and most lovable dogs you’ll meet. His exuberance means he needs to be trained on his leash manners, but he will strive in a calm, loving home without cats and small animals.


Oregon Humane Society

That face is melting our hearts! Dwight is a nine-week-old puppy with medical needs, but don’t let that fool you into thinking he’s not a happy little guy. He’s treat-motivated and likes learning new things. Like any other young child, sometimes he doesn’t like sharing his food, toys, or bedding with other animals or people.

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